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CDI Introduces Hi-Rel, Multiple output Medical Power Supply

130 Watt CMD123 Features High Current Auxiliary Outputs

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – June 3, 2002 - Conversion Devices, Inc. a merchant supplier of medical power supplies has announced the introduction of its CMD123 medical grade switcher. This is the first offering in a series of planned catalog products. The rugged 4.75"W x 9.0"L x 2.04H" power supply delivers up to 130 Watts of total power dependent on output voltage/current combinations. It features a universal auto-ranging AC input. The CMD123 operates on global input mains of 90-132VAC or 180 to 264VAC. The PS can deliver its full rated output of 130W by convection cooling. This Hi-Rel switcher is ideally suited for a wide variety of medical applications including: medical diagnostic devices, patient monitors, ophthalmic surgical equipment, and respiratory systems where reliable power is critical.

It includes a built-in 50 µA (132VAC) low leakage Class "B" EMI filter, LED fault indicators, TTL compatible power fail signal, DC-OK, remote sense, and remote on/off. The new CMD123 model has an operating temperature range of zero to 50°C without derating and can function up to 70°C by derating the output 2.5 percent per degree C.

The CMD123 complies with worldwide medical power supply safety and performance standards from UL, CSA, and TUV.

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